We Believe in
Breaking Down Borders…

Borders appear everywhere in business. They appear between professions, between departments, and between individuals. They limit your organization’s potential for growth and stifle opportunities. In the end, borders cost you time and money.  

At Stoked, we don’t accept these limits. Collaborating with our clients as one team, we break down the borders between people to achieve one shared goal.

Borderless Talent

Based in Aarhus Denmark, Stoked aims to bring the power of a global talent base to every digital product we work on. That means better product outcomes for your business, and a more satisfied end user. It also makes it possible for us to quickly and easily adapt to the needs of your project, immediately providing you with a lean and capable team.

Borderless Collaboration

Our approach bridges design thinking with lean startup and agile methodologies to provide top quality digital product outcomes while minimizing investment. At Stoked, we aim to empower your existing team by providing the support that you need to achieve a fully realized digital product.

Our role will vary by project, as each digital product may require different competencies. However, we typically work with clients in a complex domain and a competitive environment.

Borderless Progress

Our mission is to improve all aspects of digital product development for the benefit of the organizations we serve. By embracing a borderless approach to digital product development, we’re empowering our clients to realize better digital products. Let’s work together to create a digital product with impact.

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From the founder

“Far too much energy is lost by the people working in digital innovation and far too many opportunities are missed by the corporations trying to navigate the waters of digital product development. I founded Stoked because I wanted to change that.  

Give me a call and let’s see what we can accomplish together!”

Hans Lambert Pedersen  

+45 25398438     |     LinkedIn

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