Enabling the global energy transformation

Discover how our collaborative work with Danske Commodities helped them create an integrated solution which allows their clients to optimise energy consumption and production and ultimately transition the market to more sustainable energy sources.

Translated complex ideas into straightforward processes
United multiple teams across the business
Designed a best in class user experience
Kept costs and resourcing low


The key challenges we faced on this project

To support a sustainable energy transition, greater flexibility is needed. Danske Commodities wanted to create a digital solution which helped clients make the switch in real-time and in one user interface.

We were responsible for the UX design, business analysis work, UI and front-end development.

The main challenges we solved, included:


Diverse needs

Achieving real-time optimisation of electricity production and consumption is by its very nature a complex task. Danske Commodities’ users come from diverse backgrounds and have specific needs. Some customers have simple assets, others have complex.


Collaboration across departments

Danske Commodities wanted to increase collaboration and cater to the different needs of its IT department and the business unit driving the project.


Clients across the world

Danske Commodities has a large client base which stretches across many countries in the world. The platform needed to perform seamlessly and be recognised as a best in class digital solution in any corner of the world. 

Stoked were able to tie the underlying aspects of an IT system together with the clients’ actual needs. They interacted professionally and personally with the business, IT and our end users, with a clear effect on the results.
Lead Software Developer of Danske Commodities

About Danske Commodities

Danske Commodities is an international energy trading house specialising in the trading of electric power, gas and climate market products. They provide fair energy prices and complete freedom of choice to producers, suppliers and consumers in 39 countries.


Using insights to deliver an advanced UX

To build a best in class user experience for Connect, we needed the input from the market.

Part of our design process consisted of speaking to customers and the market to get valuable feedback on prototypes. We conducted video conferences with genuine users from around Europe to gather insights, while keeping costs and resourcing low. 

This gave our team the input required to create a responsive application with a best in class user experience.



Guiding them to an intuitive UI

We managed the creation of their user interface – overseeing operations, organising the team and advising when necessary. 

With multiple departments relying on Connect for planning, decision-making, monitoring and business intelligence, a lot was riding on the success of the user interface. 

We supported the Danske Commodities’ team of developers in the creation of a well-structured interface that could support the three stages of the process: Planning, Production and Analysis.



Setting the business up for digital success

Sometimes businesses already have the infrastructure in place and only need some direction to deliver a project. We acted as an extension of Danske Commodities’ existing team as a savvy, smart collaborator. 

With a neutral view on the industry, we helped internal teams prioritise the right features, implement the best software and collaborate more effectively. 

This included delivering visual documentation of the business-processes the solution was going to support and helping them assemble a team to deliver the front-end development of the application. Plus, assisting their sales department to make them feel better prepared for the launch of Connect.


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