Improving enterprise compliance

Discover how we helped Impero improve the user experience and strengthen its finance and tax compliance management platform.

Developed new and improved reporting modules
Enabled tailor-made reporting based on client needs
Made the platform easily scalable regardless of client systems
Improved the overall user experience


The key challenges we faced on this project

When we started working with Impero, they had the initial traction of their risk and compliance platform. To continue its growth, they needed to enhance the user experience and user interface by adding new components to their application. 

The main challenges we solved, included:


Simplifying a unique domain

With a unique offering to the compliance departments, there were very few competitors to draw inspiration from. While this gave Impero a blank canvas to work with, it was also a journey into the unknown.


Minimising disruptions

As the platform grows, so does its complexity. Impero required their platform to maintain its ease of use for new and existing users while evolving its functionality and reporting with the addition of new and improved features.


Diverse customer needs

Customers have a diverse range of set-ups and unique requirements. Impero needed to build a rock-solid application foundation which provides flexible reporting functionality.

I simply don’t find these competencies elsewhere.
Morten Balle, Managing Partner at Impero

About Impero

Impero is a startup from Aarhus with a kick-ass creative solution to simplify companies’ governance, risk management and compliance journeys. Their easy-to-use finance and tax compliance management platform saves companies money, increases transparency and allows them to work more efficiently.


Creating a Reporting Module from scratch

Part of being compliant is to create reports that demonstrate that you’re following the set of standards.

Together with Impero and their enterprise customers, we designed a reporting module from scratch. The module was designed so that it seamlessly integrates with existing modules and allows users to configure tailor-made reports – also using historical data.



Developing a more user-friendly Risk Management Module

For bigger companies, compliance and risk management are two sides of the same coin. To land more international enterprise customers, a new risk module was needed.

Together with Impero’s partners, we designed a more visual, easy-to-use risk module.



Seeking ways to evolve the platform

We carried out user research to reveal how customers used Impero’s platform, highlighting pain points and finding opportunities for improvement. 

Another part of the ongoing process was to conduct stakeholder interviews to help inform product decisions based on business requirements. We also translated new features and requirements into user flows and wireframes which were eventually turned into high-fidelity mock-ups for Impero’s internal software development team to execute.

Collecting all of this information and developing new ways of working play a critical role in how we help Impero continually improve their platform.

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