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How our amazing team can help yours

How we can help you

From ideas to impactful solutions, we have fun envisioning, designing and developing digital products that feel great in your hands, and in the hands of your customers.

We focus on the user experience and visionary design to create seamless user-interaction.

From a web based application that revolutionizes the labelling industry, to an interface that optimizes energy production, or a mobile app that helps hemophilia patients get better treatment, Stoked gets you smart and results-driven solutions.

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Define and prioritize the scope of the project. Everybody gets involved here. The UX object model and product architecture that match the business structure are decided on. 

Clear deliverables are outlined for project phases. 

It's all about proper planning to prevent poor performance down the line. This makes it easier to maintain and evolve.


Now for the spicy part. This is where our UI and UX designers turn fresh ideas or existing digital products into a functional and user-friendly interface. 

All digital product design and development are done collaboratively to capture brand essence.  


The design becomes reality and is completely flexible to suit client needs.  

Our back-end and front-end developers can take the reins and do all the implementation or we can be the Robin to Batman, and take a supporting role.

Product benchmarking

We do all the detective work for you – drawing inspiration for features from other digital products and finding ways to improve yours to suit market needs.

Ethnographic user research

We get to know your users on a deeper level by following their journey and gathering insights on their motivations and needs. 

Guerrilla testing 

We let potential users test out the digital product for effective real-time feedback.

Market surveys 

We gather insights into what people need and want. This lets us test assumptions before development and prioritise features based on actual needs. 

A/B split test

We test the performance of different features or flow variations. We can even run multiple tests at once to fast-track progress.

Behavioural tracking

This service tracks in-app user behaviours. Creepy, perhaps. But it does allow you to identify bottlenecks, monitor feature usage and see areas of improvement. 

Danske Commodities

words that make us blush

Stoked was able to tie the underlying aspects of an IT system together with the clients’ actual needs. They interacted professionally and personally with the business, IT and our end users, with a clear effect on the results.

Lead Software Developer of Danske Commodities

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