Improving a successful customer loyalty programme

See how we strengthened Grundfos’ mobile app for their loyalty programme by automating the voucher registration journey.

Improved a successful customer loyalty program
Re-engineered the user experience
Added functionality to the app without friction
Accelerated registrations


The key challenges we faced on this project

Grundfos’ WIN & EARN loyalty programme allows installers to earn points and redeem vouchers every time they choose a Grundfos product. It’s the company’s way of saying thank you to their loyal partners.

The key touchpoint of the loyalty program is the app “GO Installer”, where partners installing Grundfos pumps can register vouchers for each pump they install.

However, registration of these vouchers was being done manually. A time-consuming process.

Grundfos is a large Danish pump manufacturer with more than 19,000 employees globally. Every year, they produce more than 16 million pump units. Their app is designed to reward loyal customers for every pump they install and encourage them to keep using them as their first choice provider.


Identifying user behaviours to create possibilities

By analysing data captured within the existing ‘Win and Earn’ tool, we were able to identify user behaviour and translate this into real possibilities for improvements to the current user journey.  In these early stages, it was these findings which guided the direction and approach taken to re-engineer the user experience.  One of the big changes we made was adding camera functionality. Implementing this feature allows customers to capture token IDs using their phone cameras, helping to streamline the process and add a new dimension to the app’s functionality.


Enhancing existing functionality

Sometimes it’s important to build on something as well as creating brand new solutions.

We spent time improving existing features to allow users to interact in the way they wanted. This meant allowing customers to enter token IDs manually or automatically, register single tokens as well as batches and to ensure users were always informed of any issues.


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